Surpassing Your Expectations for Data Centre Performance

For over 20 years we have worked with some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers to help clients establish and maintain state-of-the-art data centres.

At DC Infra, we specialise in delivering highly efficient, ultra-reliable and secure data centre infrastructure and solutions. We achieve this through a combination of deep knowledge and experience in the sector along with long-standing partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

DC Infra is an industry leader when it comes to safeguarding your data centre. We provide the most secure and robust digital infrastructure available and employ best-practice security protocols to ensure that your facility is always protected.

Our commitment to energy efficiency not only reduces operational costs but also improves speed and reliability, optimising the overall performance of your data centre operations.

What’s more, because of our long-standing relationships with our supplier partners, we can offer unrivalled technological support.

Contact us today to see how we can help you exceed your data centre expectations.

Our Supplier Partners


As a family-owned company, our mission is to help make lives better, one battery at a time. We are proud to have a significant impact by operating the largest single-site battery manufacturing facility in the world


VYCON’s VDC® flywheel energy storage solutions significantly improve critical system uptime and eliminates the environmental hazards, costs and continual maintenance associated with lead-acid based batteries…


World’s Leading Critical Digital Infrastructure Provider. Vertiv connects and protects your network with core-to-edge solutions and expertise that is unmatched anywhere in the world


Established in 1996 and based in Auckland, New Zealand, PowerShield is independently owned and works with all the leading power conditioning and backup power companies


The Network Resilience Platform Secure access to your network resources on the first day, worst day and every day. Network resilience adds a layer of intelligence to the backbone of an enterprise


Delivering sustainable smart cities technologies and services while supporting the move towards carbon neutrality


Based on our HP/Agilent heritage, with over 35 years of fiber optic measurement, we stand for top quality and well-designed solutions for distributed optical sensing


Create technologies that drive human progress


The bridge to possible